OFAH WOW tournament

Lakeshore Outfitters Spring Salmon Spectacular
March 20th 2013

Kids Race for Autism
Ohsweken Speedway
Aug. 23, 2013

Rahway River Trout Unlimited first annual Fly-tying Madness Event for the New Jersey Cold Water Conservation School, Casting for Recovery and Wounded Warriors

30th Annual Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby
Lake Huron’s Largest Fishing Derby
Sat. July 27th – Sun. Aug. 11th, 2013

Kiwanis World Walleye Fishing Derby (Quinte Region) Saturday, May 4th, 2012

Crappy Jack's Bass Tournament
for the families of fallen peace officers of Florida

The Canadian Kayak Anglers Fishing Classic

The Lee King Benefit Tournament

The Lake Huron Fishing Club

The Friendship Group of Magnetewan

Shady Aker's Family Bass Fishing Derby

Coastal Conservation Association of the Pacific Northwest

Muskies Canada

Fins and Skins

Henry Waszczuk loves the Fishing Butler

Fishing with the Dimestore Fisherman

Fishing Butler 15 second demo

Demo of fishing butlers and longers ones

The Fishing Butler Song
By Garry Pomeroy


Dear Fishing Butler team,
I've been using fishing butlers for almost 5 years and currently have about 15 packs in use, mostly short ones. It is a nice product and good invention helping outdoor people to have their stuff organized. I do appreciate this and would like to use this opportunity to thank you for such a nice product!
(Alex Rednev - October 28, 2012)

Dear Fishing Butler:
A few years ago I came across your product and contacted you to see if you would send us some samples to try out which you gladly did. I passed some to our guides and they took action with them as did I. I have nothing to say other than the fact that I sing the praises of these things ALL THE TIME. Every day on the water with clients, I could sell these things, but since I have none on hand, I simply refer them to the website.
(Patrick Robinson - September 29, 2012)

The place where I have bought 4 pair of fishing butlers, (Work, sports and more) in Enumclaw Wa. ran out back in November and I have been asking every two weeks if they came in yet. I can not wait anymore for them. Now that I found your website I now know where to get them. They are the best. After you buy one pair you will want one for every fishing pole you have and settle for nothing but the fishing butler.
(David - May 2010)

I bought a few of these at a trade show a couple of years ago and I love them! They saved my rods from getting tangled and no more damage to the rod tips! All of my friends now want them. I would like to know if there is a way to order them and have them sent since there seems to be no dealers within 100 miles of me. Please let me know.
Thank you
(Matt Rupert - Catasauqua, Pa - March 2009)

Just wanted to let you know what a GREAT product the “Fishing Butler” is. I was fortunate to win a couple of Fishing Butlers last week at the CrappieMasters Seminar at Reelfoot Lake. I had been looking for these at different stores. After putting them on my jigging poles, I decided I needed some more and found out that Grizzly Jigs had them. Now I am the proud owner of 12 more.
Thanks for the great product and for sponsoring Crappie fishing.
(Morris King - March 2009)

I bought your Fishing Butler at a boat show last year here in Winnipeg,MB. I was so impressed that I bought four of them. The only problem I have with your Fishing Butler is that I did not buy more of them. I use them all the time and still to this day cannot get over how well they work. I tell all my fishing friends about them as they are very impressed on how they work. I plan to buy more of them for myself and a few of my friends. Thank You for making a very wonderful product.
Yours Truly
Denis Delorme
(Winnipeg, Man. - October 2007)

“Hello, my name is Dean Ball, I received a fishing rod butler as a gift this week from a friend.  I was in awe.  I would like to add these to my table at the sales market this year.  Now I need to know how I can become a dealer of these fine fishing rod holders/keepers?  Thank you in advance.”
(Dean Ball - March 15, 2007)

“Folks I was given a few butlers last year and now have finally found your site but I need to know a local dealer as I require a bunch more. Are there any dealers in the London or Woodstock areas.  Your info will be greatly appreciated. The butlers surpass any expectations, this is the first breakdown/rod management system that works.  It is a quality item.
(Kim Black - Aylmer, Ont. - July 26, 2006)

“My Son’s Birthday is next month and I know he’ll love your fishing butlers.  He bought 2 packs at a trade show and now wishes he bought more. 
Where can a get a bunch in the Madison, Wisconsin area?”
(Melody Sakins - June 2006)

“Tired of and frustrated by the endless tangles that develop when you need to break down your fishing rods to transport them but don’t want to reel in all the fishing line?  Check out one of the simplest yet ingenious tools you can add to your tackle box, the Fishing Butler.
‘We like to say, stop that tangled insanity, and the Fishing Butler is just the thing to help, says Carrie Broadbent from R Ideas of Hagersville, Ontario, the Butler’s manufacturer.
This simple device is made of a thin, bungee-type nylon cord and a quick release disk that either releases or tightens the cord, depending on the direction in which you pull.  The butlers come in pairs so you can secure both ends of a broken-down rod.  What’s more, since the cord is basically one big loop. Once you tighten it around the rod, you’re left with another loop that you can use for hanging the rod.
The butler comes in a variety of colors so you if you have several rod and reel set-ups, you can code them any way you want.  And perhaps most important, because you’re sure to drop one at some point, they float.
Such a simple concept that solves such a common problem, it’s a surprise no one had thought of this idea before,
‘Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that really do well,’ says Broadbent.
(Woods - N- Water News, March 2006 by Tom Carney - Outdoors Writer)

“Its another one of those things that makes you wonder ‘Why didn’t someone come up with this 100 years ago!’ They’re great, beating the heck out of twist ties and rubber bands”
 (Detroit Free Press: Jan. 19/2006 by Eric Sharp - Outdoors writer)



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